Why do we do this?

In 2019, our B2B SaaS product (our first company) was growing and we needed a help center. We quickly put together a Google Doc that we published to the web. It was ugly and hacky, but it worked! This started falling apart as our product grew, so we bit the bullet and moved to a professional help center solution.

This worked for a while but came with it's own limitations. The biggest issue was the lack of collaboration. As a remote team, we love using Google Docs to work together to make content. We found ourselves creating content in Drive and then manually moving it over to our help center. Neither of us looked forward to doing this, and always dreaded the process of updating our help center.

In November 2020, we finally got so fed up with the process that we began looking for a better way to solve for this. We were already using Google Docs/Drive to create content so why not directly publish it to our help center? We hashed out the details for what we would need to make this work for us and launched the first version of Kbee.

Over the next two years, we invested time, energy, and many late nights refining Kbee. During this time, we pivoted into supporting internal wikis and knowledge bases, bidding goodbye to our external help center roots.

As we look ahead, we are constantly thinking about new ways we can help teams do more w/ the tools they already know and love. If you have any feedback or feature requests, we'd love to hear them!