Open header links in new window

Nav not showing on initial page load


Bulk user permissions management

Sort Articles in a Folder

Provide template articles for folks to create and add new content to their KB

viewer avatar


Make all articles in a sub-folder visible or hidden

Comments on articles

UI issue

Custom Emoji for Articles

Support all Google Drive content (videos, CSVs, Microsoft Office, etc)



copy paste protection

Comments / Feedback on articles / Reactions

Links in posts don't work properly

Google Forms

Flag content as new or updated to user

Link to my main website. I want a link in the side nav to go back to my main site.

Support Shared Drives

Drop links within a knowledge base

Support other google drive content

Google Sheets

Support Tags

Reorder Articles and Folders

"View Live Site" on dashboard should direct to knowledge base on custom domains

Embed Kbee on your page/product behind your own login

Google Slides Support

PDF Support

As an admin, I'd like to be able to quickly edit an article I'm looking at in Kbee without having to navigate to a seperate templates page.

Hide access to KB behind a magic link

Choose to hide content from search engines

Allow Kbee to read from other folders in Drive

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