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Reorder header links & copy/share between spaces#20

I’d like to have a space for each of ~5 internal teams and use common header links to navigate between them.

Today, this is a bit painful because:

  1. Links within a space cannot be re-ordered once created.
    2.Links cannot are independent and must be re-created (or reordered manually) across all applicable sites

Feature request:

  1. Have an optional toggle (or maybe better, a separate section?) for “shared headers”.
  2. Allow drag-and-drop ability to re-order space-specific links as well as shared header links.
  3. Let the space admin choose whether to “Always group and show shared headers to the [left or right, above, below???] space-specific header links”
  4. Let the space admin choose whether to hide shared links.

FWIW, I’m not sure on exactly how I’d implement this, but TLDR; my specific use case just wants common headers between spaces, ability to define and re-order in one place, and ability to also add space-specific headers.

Here’s a vidyard that captures some of the above [edit: corrected link below]

10 months ago

Reording header links is on our short term roadmap. Having a common set of links for all spaces is a great idea! We will post updates here as things progress

10 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
10 months ago