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BUG: Filenames in Menu arn't changing#15

At the moment, the menu titles (file names) arn’t changing, if I edit the file name in google doc. It seems to, that I need to delete and readd the file that I get the new filename.

2 months ago

never mind, now it changed.. it takes just a few minutes..

2 months ago

yeah I was running into the same issue. @kbee team, guessing this is TTL from CDN. Given that I’m in process of experimenting / getting a PoC, I’m making a lot of changes to folder names/location, file names, etc. - it’d be cool if maybe there was some sort of way we could disable caching / set it to 0 for faster feedback? I’d totally be ok with it “auto-reverting” back to the normal setting after X hours or something. Also if you can, curious whta the current TTL / caching policy is?

a month ago